Gene Cook

A professional dancer / choreographer / dance instructor for more than 25 years. Gene learned and taught ballroom at Fred Astaire dance studios in Dallas, Texas. He danced and taught ballroom dance classes on cruise ships for nearly 10 years. He also owned a ballroom dance studio in Tyler, Texas. Gene moved back into the Willis area in 2002. He presently is a deacon at Covenant Fellowship Ministries in Willis. In 2009, God put it on his heart to start a ballroom dance ministry. The vision that he had was to teach as many people as he could how to ballroom dance, and not charge for group classes, thus allowing God to provide for the ministry. Gene realized that God blessed him with the ability to teach people how to dance, and now is daily living a dream in being able to use his talents to create an atmosphere of fun and fellowship in bringing glory to God.

Kenny & Lauren Gottlieb

Kenny and Lauren began their dance career by taking private lessons from Gene to prepare for their wedding. In just 10 lessons Gene taught them both how to Foxtrot and Waltz. While taking the private lessons, they quickly picked up Gene's passion for dance. But, even more than his passion, they grabbed on to his vision for Steps in Faith. They and Gene all agreed that God had called them to teach at Steps in Faith and join Gene in beginning the ministry. They continue to take private lessons from Gene and have begun assisting Gene with class instruction. Kenny is a Software Engineer with a degree in Computer Science and has been an avid musician for over 15 years. Lauren has a degree in Radio and Television Advertising and loves to cook!